Comparing interest pays off

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Do you want to borrow money or transfer your loan? Then compare the interest rates of the various loan forms and providers. This saves you a lot of money. Read our tips how you can best compare the interest and what you should pay attention to.

Take your time


You don’t borrow money from the first best provider. When you take out a loan it makes sense to get well prepared. First calculate how much you can borrow. The National Credit Checker helps you with this by offering online tools and giving personal advice.

Which loan type suits you?

Which loan type suits you?

If you know how much you can borrow, you can determine which loan type best suits your situation. A personal payday loan or a revolving credit. It is best to choose a personal payday loan if you want security: a fixed interest rate and term. Do you want more flexibility and withdraw money when you need it? Then a revolving credit offers a solution.

Determine the duration

Regardless of the interest rate and duration, it is good to think about the economic life for which you want to use your loan.

Are you planning to buy a camper or caravan? Then finance your motorhome with a personal payday loan. Then choose a duration that is no longer than the economic life of the caravan. This will prevent you from paying while the caravan or motorhome has already been debited. So view per loan duration which term fits best.

Compare all current interest rates

Compare all current interest rates

Do you want a cheap loan? Then compare the interest rate with our handy interest rate comparator. Enter your desired loan form, loan amount and duration. You can immediately see which three banks can make the best offer.

Are you currently borrowing at a high interest rate? Compare your current interest rate with our current low rates and be surprised by the difference. Our partner banks are the cheapest credit providers. Comparing offers you a considerable saving. We offer the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands with the best loan conditions! In addition to the interest, we also compare the conditions of banks and take these directly with you. This way you get a suitable and best proposal. In addition, we offer the guarantee that you can pay off each loan without penalty.

Immediately transfer your loan online for free and receive a proposal without obligation.

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