Health credit: pay the hospital, a prosthesis and operation.

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A health credit makes it possible to supplement the financing of medical care that is not covered by social security. There are many offers, but most are just consumer credits.

how can I pay medical expenses?

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France and Social Security allow everyone to heal. But it’s vital care, like illness or accidents. To counter this, complementary health mutuals can supplement the cost of care, but they are very expensive: many people do not have. How then to pay for unreimbursed health expenses, if not on credit?

The most classic cases: hearing aids, dental prostheses, or even prostheses for the disabled. This medical care is considered as a comfort for those who benefit, and are poorly reimbursed, if at all, by the Social Security.
Compare our best credit offers Take for example, teeth. We often see people traveling abroad to see dentists! There are even specialized websites to put you in contact with Hungarian dentists. These health professionals are as qualified as the French, but cost less, the standard of living in Hungary being lower than French. consult their dedicated page. The aid can range from 100 to 550 euros per year, depending on the age of the beneficiary.

Warning: the list of mutuals that can be paid with the ACS is limited, it must first check with the Health Insurance which are the partner institutions.

credit and disability “to find out about funding opportunities for people with disabilities.

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A credit for healing, yes, provided you have the means!

If, like many French people, you do not have the chance to have a good complementary mutual health that reimburses you well for your medical expenses, the solution passes through the health credit. This type of credit is much more popular in some countries than in our country, which is fortunate to have a good health care system, despite the problems we face. But sometimes, that’s not enough.

Unlike a new TV or a new car for which you take a consumer credit but could have waited a few more months in fact, the time to save, health is precious, it does not can not wait! You will finally be able to do your laser myopia surgery!

The simplest solution, when finding funding for treatment, is to make a personal loan. With competitive rates, without justification of purchase, one can thus quickly obtain enough to pay the dentist or the revolutionary treatment, where the Sécu does not refund. For others, who can not make credit, the situation is much more complicated, and will unfortunately be content with what the Social Security, the CMU and the ACS allow.

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