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It usually costs a lot more money to take out a loan on the Internet, rather than going to the bank and taking out the loan. While it may sound tempting when a loan provider offers a large loan, it is important to consider this carefully.

It is also important to keep track of what the loan repayment amount is. It tells you exactly how much it costs you to borrow the money. You should always look at this before taking out the loan, so you won’t be surprised how much the loan actually costs.


Check out the loan’s OPOP

Check out the loan

To find out which loan best suits your needs and shouldn’t cost too much, check out the loan’s OPP. All loan providers are required to disclose a loan’s APR, which represents Annual Cost Percentage. Of course, interest rates are an important factor when figuring out how much it costs to take out a loan, but also the APO can help you get started.

The APR is precisely an overall expression of the loan’s total credit amount, ie interest and miscellaneous fees. The lower the APR of a loan, the cheaper the loan should be. However, it is always a good idea to carefully consider how much the loan will cost and not just assume the APR. In some cases it may be misleading.


Loan size and maturity

Loan size and maturity

The size of the loan as well as the maturity may also affect how much the loan will cost. It is usually the case that a small loan amount must be repaid over a relative card as well, while a larger loan must be repaid over a longer period. It is therefore important to settle on how much is realistic for you to pay off each month.

From here, it will be easier for you to find out how much amount and how long a term to choose. At various online loan providers, loan amounts and maturities often span the following range, depending on which provider you choose:

  • Loan amount : You can borrow between DKK 100 and up to DKK 350,000 on the Internet
  • Maturity : You can repay the loans for a period over 30 days and up to 15 years.


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