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You can save money in different ways, so let’s give some interesting advice for the good!

The family budget is certainly not bottomless, so it is necessary to watch every expense. There is much to save, we can talk about energy suppliers and mobile tariffs, as well as more economical food purchases. The standard of living can be maintained and, with a few measures, we will save considerable money. You ask how? There’s no big science in it, all you have to do is calculate everything well…


Energy means a considerable expenditure, saving is easy

Energy means considerable expenditure, saving is easy

We will pay considerable money every month for lighting and heating of residential units. The solution is very easy, illuminating with energy-saving light bulbs is not a luxury , but a common standard in any home.

You will save tens of crowns a year for each bulb, if there are more in the apartment, you will notice the difference in the next energy bill. And it is also true that the price of LED bulbs keeps falling, so the investment will return sooner than you would expect.

With heating – whether you have central heating, electricity or gas – you need to watch every degree of Celsius, in the winter months, otherwise the payment for energy can be quite expensive.


Do not drive everywhere, public transport is cheaper

Do not drive everywhere, public transport is cheaper

You won’t have to deal with the question of getting from payday to payday when you look at your daily transportation expenses to work. You don’t have to drive by yourself, especially if you’re on a longer trip. Take colleagues from work to the rear seats to share the costs.

You can also travel by public transport, or even walk a bit, the condition will be better at once – and the wallet will remain more small. A good solution may be a partial home office, that is to say, work from home, which is now widely used alternative mainly in office professions.


Food? Do it best at home

Food? Do it best at home

There is no reason to eat in a restaurant if you want to save some money and have a material reserve. It would even be quite uneconomical, because you usually spend over a hundred crowns for a standard lunch.

But such an amount can easily be sufficient for all-day dining, just preparing food at home and making snacks for work . Eat in the company canteen where you can enjoy meal vouchers or interesting employee discounts. Why then go to restaurants, which are further away from the office?


Washing and washing is economical

Further savings can be sought almost anywhere. After all, washing laundry consumes a lot of water and electricity, then why not wait until the basket is full? Thanks to gentle washing programs, we do not need to wash at a high temperature, which would cost a lot of energy – while hygiene will be done. What else can we focus on?


  • Turn off the light in a room where no one is. Sure, it is “only” a few hundreds a year, but if you calculate everything, the down payment for electricity supplies may decrease substantially in the future.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances. A fridge and a dishwasher are literally power consuming, if you buy a more economical and modern alternative, the investment will return in a few years and then you will save.
  • Instead of a full bath of hot water , a shower is sufficient , so take a good one-hour bath every weekend. And while we’re at the water, why are you buying packaged drinks? Unfortunately, it is too expensive!


A pay-as-you-go loan can be a solution that can help. Use it, of course, whenever it is urgently needed – but think about the details. You only need two thousand?

So there is no reason to borrow eight thousand and scatter royally before the payday. Do not forget that the loan must be repaid in time, otherwise there is a risk of complications that are definitely not from the category over which you can wave your hand.

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